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Chief luko is the best when it comes to muthi, rootwork, traditional healing spiritual practices and spell castings. 

Chief luko kowe come from a family where tradition and it nomes come first, where culture and belief come first from generation to generation.  His grand, grandparents were traditional healers and ancestry people; they believed in tradition and ancient powers so dose chief luko. He believes in root, leaves and ancestors work and powers. He was chosen by the family ancestors to carry on with their powers of helping those in need.

Chief luko went to school, he wanted to meet his dreams of being an engineer, but that couldn’t happen due to many ups and downs in his life and the needs of being the chosen one, sprits could need him here and there to carry out different practices in helping people. However much he tried to run away, he could go anywhere because they were watching and always pulled him back where they wanted him.

Muthi practices and traditional healing

Practising spiritual work, rootwork and leaves became his study year to year up until he became a professional in traditional healing and foreseeing. He is now extremely strong and the best when it comes to rootwork and spiritual powers.

His work has saved much marriage from falling apart, it has reunited back lovers what had broke up. He has brought marriage and commitment in many relationships and so many other problems that go along with human life. Chief luko has seen it all. He is the best and he can help you with any problem facing or threatening your happiness.

He has moved most parts of the world healing and helping people, doing different kinds of ritual ceremonies.  Now chief luko spends most of the time in his home helping people, he can help you over the phone using his powers and spiritual connection through photos and mirrors or you can meet him at his home in Johannesburg and Durban.

Distance healing by Chief luko

Distance healing is how he helps his clients outside South Africa and those who are far away from him or can’t make it to his place. The ways he does this is through picture reading or checking to understand well your problems and how to overcome them. So you being far away doesn’t mean that you can’t get helped by him, he will help you. 

Come to chief luko for help, come experience his powers, get that problem that can be solved by others be solved by the man best in muthi and traditional practice, come elevate your life from where its stack and come be blessed with luck contact chief luko for help in any problem you have 

contact chief Luko
contact chief Luko
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