How to be in control over your lover

How to be in control over your lover


Control over your lover. A relationship comprises a lot of elements but the highest components are control and respect. Respect is at the top of the hierarchy because it’s the one that cements the foundation of the relationship. It comprises of the small things that money can’t buy which counts the most. Your partner cannot force you to do what you don’t want or what he wants you to do for him. Thus said with control there are great rewards but also with devastating consequences if not tamed in the right way. A relationship needs both parties to have individual control over themselves and their relationship as a whole. 

Put roots on him or her 

When it comes to controlling you may find that you need more of it than your partner. I have helped many clients of mine with such a problem. I can help you to put your partner under your control with my love binding hoodoo to control your lover. With this rootwork your partner will be fully under your control. What I mean with this is he or she will have to consult with you before making any decision. He or she will do as you want and say. So be in control of your man or woman, control your marriage or relationship as you want. Book your appointment with chief Luko and get his love binding hoodoo to control your lover.

Besides rootwork then Below are the other steps which you can use to take control of your lover and make her respect you.

Each person must have equal control

Every individual in a stable functioning relationship has control and power over each other and how the union runs. Having equal control I mean that both parties are accountable for what happens in the relationship. The duties and functions of the girlfriend and boyfriend may differ but both have ultimate power and control over those duties and functions equally.

The main important aspect is to have self-control and power because before you learn how to govern your relationship and partner, you need to know how to govern and conduct yourself. Yes you can have control over your partner but it must be within the scope of him/her consideration. By this I mean the control must be for her best interest. For example, if she/he had to say they going to the club with friends whom you find to be a bad influence to him/her and the relationship, you are expected to say “NO”, not because you don’t allow her to go out or because you want to control her movement but it’s for the protection of the relationship. 

Respect each other equally

Respect is gained, control is obtained. It is easy gaining respect from a woman/man. It comes with feelings and emotions of love she/he feels for you. Women only fall for men whom they can look up to and feel secure with. Both individuals in the relationship must have respect for themselves first. Respect is more of an instant behavioral quality in a person. If one possesses that quality it’s easy to see and show it to the other person. If you respect yourself you will never want any man/woman to diminish or belittle you. Knowing what your worth goes hand in hand with the level of respect you have in you. The right man/woman will respect you if he sees that you respect yourself. It will give him a sense of gratitude to know that his woman/man is respectful to herself and him. A lasting and loving relationship is built on respect without it the relationship is doomed from the start.

The influence of power-The control over your lover

Having full control over a woman/man can take some time because of stubbornness. To some women, control is more of their domain within their relationship. They tend to overpower the man as if he is the one who is meant to be the woman. Having power in a relationship is more of a woman’s fetish. Women love the thought of them having the power to have the last say in everything that has to do with the relationship and her man. Power is broad so you being the head of the relationship you should let her think she has the power but alternatively it’s you, the head, and leader of the partnership that has the ultimate power. Women of these days love men who possess the power it’s known to be a turn on.

A powerful dominant woman loves being in control of herself and her man, this kind of power enables the man to see that this woman is self-independent and knows what she wants without question. Powerful women are attracted to powerful men, a man who can make “things happen” even if there are difficulty and strain. This will show the woman that the man knows how to take charge. The main point is that he must know how to take charge of her at any given point.

Love binding Hoodoo to control your lover

With this game-changer remedy, you will have the power and control over your lover and the relationship. All your fears will scatter away in a flash. Love binding hoodoo to control your lover will make him or her transparent to you in every way possible. She or he will not even think of lying to you. Chief Luko’s love binding hoodoo to control your lover will assure that she or he respects you no matter what. This remedy designed especially for the cause you want to achieve is very omnipotent to the point where you will not require any other given formula stated on this page. The love binding hoodoo to control your lover is the resolver you seek to the problem you have.

Know what you want

As a man/woman you must be firm with yourself and know what you want out of life. Be open and concise in what you say because a man/woman will not appreciate a dishonest person. You must never have an undecided, confused mind because that action alone just shows that you’re weak. It is important as a man/woman to show authority within his relationship. It will make your partner feel secure and let her know that you have things under control. The power of love can and will certainly give you power. The control, respect, and authority over your woman/man without fail.

This is all in the mind and the heart and a woman is the one that can configure those settings herself with a little help from the love you give her. She is bound to love and respect you without fail when she sees that you’re a man of your word. A woman loves a man who knows what he wants out of life and where he wants the relationship to go. 

The conclusion is never to become a dictator in your relationship. Allow freedom of speech, movement, opinion, and dignity to dwell in your relationship. Be the kind of man/woam she/he can look up to. By following these easy steps you’re guaranteed the results you desire. 

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