How to bring back lost lover The better way

How to bring back lost lover The better way


It’s been enough time ever since the breakup. You both went separate ways after what happened. At that time you were hurt or you hurt your partner to the point where both of you couldn’t carry on anymore. One of you had to initiate the breakup, as usual, every relationship ends. Enough time has passed but still, you can’t get over your ex-lover, you still miss him so much and want to be with him.

Before we dive deep down in this topic, I want you to know that this online platform as all you need to overcome any love marriage or relationship problem. They are may ways of how to get your lost lover back on this platform. My best way is to put roots on your lost lover. With my roots to bring back lost lover, you don’t need to go through every point I have put down below. 

Put roots on your lost lover to get him or her back

The roots to bring back lost lover overrides every other measure I have put below. It’s all up to you to choose which way you want to get your lost lover back. Putting roots on your lost lover will make it all easy for you to get back your lost soul.

The magnificent powers in my roots, once put on your lost lover they will restore your place back in his or her heart. Your lost lover’s mind is will be locked on you. It’s going to be you in his her though night and day. My roots to bring back lost lover will bring him or her back and they will make them beg you back. The roots will make your lost lover look for you, call or contact you in any way to apologize for all the wrongs done to you. 

My roots to bring back lost lover back work upon your needs. it will be you to ask what you need to happen between you and your lost lover. You will command the roots to bring back lost lover how you want your lost lover to come back.   

Now does Each day that goes by your mind asks you about him or her? Are you wonder how he or she is and what he or she is doing? Do you bump into each other and when that happened your heart skips a beat just by seeing him? Do you need your lost lover back? If yes, then all you need is to use my roots to bring back lost lover or the steps below.

Here is how to bring back lost lover the other ways

Besides putting roots on your lost lover here are other steps you can take to bring back your lost lover. They also work with the time and will bring back your lost lover in your life. Simply follow them.

Understand what caused the breakup 

The first thing for you to do is to sit down and understand most of the mistakes you did that led your relationship to end. why am I telling you this? My answer is relationships are never one-sided and most relationships end because of blames. Lovers blame each other up until the breakup. This may be the reason why even your relationship ended in the way it did.

 Saying sorry to your lost lover if you were the one in wrong will not help the situation. The word itself has to be accompanied by actions of the word sorry. You have to show him or her how remorseful you are for the wrongs you did. If you can, put out some tears to make it look real.

If your ex was the one in wrong, then you have to convince him or her to sit down with you and talk about what happened. You need to be indirect because if you come up direct it may look like you playing a blaming game. Again it may look like your putting everything on him or her. It may make him or her walk away or make the whole situation worse. So make sure he acknowledges his mistakes in the above way. 

Understand his side of the story as to why the relationship had to end. Once you do that, trust me you’re going to come up with promising words on how to fix whatever the problem was. When you show him or her that you understand and ready to work on it, there is no way why he won’t give your relationship another chance.  

No need for being needy and pushy

Do not be pushy, needy, and try as much as you can not to show your misery. Being pushy and needy will make him run far away from you and start dogging you. When he or she sees you coming from another direction, he or she will hide away from you. I am sure that is something you don’t want to experience. So avoid being pushy that way he or she will lend you ears and listen to what you’re saying. Showing your misery will make him or her use you as a doormat because you are desperate. Simply you can take control and force your lover back .

Roots to bring back lost lover

Use roots to bring back lost lover. With this method, you don’t have to do any of the above. It doesn’t matter whether you were the one in wrong or him, it doesn’t matter how the situation looks like. What roots to bring back lost lover is going to do for you is to bring that lover of yours who is stubborn and don’t want to give you another chance. This method will force him to come back and love you again like before regardless of what. 

Don’t call or text your ex 

Whatever you want to talk about with your ex-lover make sure you don’t text or call him and talk over the phone. Make sure you always see him face to face and talk about your makeup. You can do this by inviting him or her for dinner or tea. When you talk about issues over the phone, he or she may ignore some of your questions. Speak to you as he or she wants or never replies and at and drop your call. But when you look at each other in the eyes such things are hard to do because of humanity.

Ask your lover to meet you in his or her favorite places or take him or her there if given chance. This will make him or her sees you that you still have a lot in common and you care about him or her being happy. The more you make your ex-lover happy the more he or she will want to hang out with and the close you get.


Once you try out any of the above and be consistent on getting your lover back, there is no way you will fail to make him or her love you again. Mostly I recommend my roots to get back lost lover. I have written about a few here but there are many more other ways and methods you can use to get your ex-lover back.


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