How to bring back love and passion in your relationship

How to bring back love and passion in your relationship


How to bring back love and passion in your relationship. The way you used to spoil and pamper partner no longer existed in your marriage. The marriage is about to end because of your negligence. It’s not that she or he doesn’t want to be with you, she or he loves with all his or her heart. All your partner is doing is protecting his or her best interests and wishing for you to realise how drastically you’ve changed. You changed from being the loving responsible partner into the good for nothing partner.

How to bring back love and passion in your relationship

If you love your wife/husband dearly and you find yourself lost without him/her by your side. Or if she or he has left and doesn’t want to come back to you. Chief Luko is here to help you get your wife or husband back. He is here to restore your marriage or relationship. He sees where you can’t see and he reaches where you can’t reach. If you have tried everything and nothing is working for you then he is the man you need to turn to for help. Nevertheless, if you want your partner back do anything it takes to get him or her back.

Below are guidelines to help you achieve exactly How to bring back love and passion in your relationship.

Be the person she or he once fell in love with

You have been part of each other’s lives for a long while now. Memories of happiness and joy in a marriage cannot be easily erased. Play on those good memories you used to share together. All the romantic activities you used to engage in make sure you make him or she relive it again. Be the independent responsible partner you once were to him or her. She or he will not fall in love with you if you are still displaying traits of unruly behavior.

Try new exciting adventures together to create new memories. This can be achieved by you planning an exotic getaway or if not a romantic date in the house. This will enable you to test the waters if the feeling is still mutual. Be open and vulnerable to your partner. She or he will appreciate the transparency of how you feel about them. Pull all the stunts possible to draw him or her closer to you. If your partner seems reluctant don’t be discouraged it’s normal for him or her to feel that way. Remember we all fall in love with someone who is persistent and never gives up on anything. Show your partner that you’re here to win him or her back and this time you’re not letting her go.

Go over and beyond to ensure that you get back

As the person who wants the ex back, you must be aware of the mistakes you made throughout the marriage which lead to the breakup. As a person, you need to be willing and able to adapt to improving yourself and fixing the issues and problems that arise over time. While you’re fixing yourself it is important to let him or she know of any mistakes. I am talking about the mistake your partner also made that added to the marriage coming to an end.

Nowadays most lovers will, up and leave if they are unhappy in a marriage or relationship. This is because it is easy for them to get support from their family and friends. To keep a lover happy you need to know what his life needs. A woman will want a man that she will look up to and respect her. This will be a man who does not crumble under pressure or end up expressing themselves in an unruly manner. As a husband, you must ensure that she gains and feels confident in herself expressing her traits in womanly comparison compared to your manliness. This will boost her confidence and make her feel attracted to you.

Intensify your romance

Partners sometimes tend to forget that their lovers love to be touched, massaged, and caressed. To spice up things in the bedroom its best to run her a warm bubble bath with scented candlelight. For you as a woman it important to go down on your man. Get her strawberries and chocolate with some whipped cream and feed her while in the bathtub. Woman, Message his whole body, make him feel desired. He is bound to feel physically drawn to you.

How to bring back love and passion in your relationship conclusion

Lastly, it is known that everyone all around the world wants a lover they can take pride in. It sounds simple but it’s hard because disappointments are bound to creep up without warning. Marriage is beautiful but there are hard work and effort that’s needed to cement it. It shouldn’t be painful and draining because it’s a team effort from both partners. The love is always there you just need to revive it wherever it’s slipping away.


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