How to get her to commit to me 5 simple steps

How to get her to commit to me 5 simple steps


To get her to commit to me. You met someone amazing and you feel as if you’ve known each other for a long while now.
She makes you laugh and satisfies you very well and you are comfortable with each other. You don’t have to pretend to be someone you’re not when you’re around her. When you talk to her on a daily, the conversation just flows without it being awkward.
She told you she’s not ready to have a serious relationship.

You don’t want to lose her and it scares you that you will. You have begged and pleaded with her so that she sees it from your point of view. But you reached a stumbling block. This is not new to you. You knew it might not turn out the way you would wish. But you are hopeful that the outcome might turn out in your favor. There is no need to be worried or feeling hopeless.

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Some women are stubborn and completely don’t want to commit. Or maybe you did something that makes her run away from committing to you. I have put steps below you can use but I won’t guarantee them so much. The best of all I guarantee is the spell to get her to commit to me. With it expect the results as you want them in a short period of time.

Once you put the spell to get her to commit to me, she will be all yours. She will be the one asking you for commitment. It will be her running after you asking to take your relationship to the next level. If she has been playing you, using you or cheating on you, my spell to get her to commit to me will put an end to all that.
So I highly recommend the spell to get her to commit to me than any other step I have put below. Simply book your appointment with chief Luko and see her commit to you as you want her.

Here below are the other methods that you can use to assist you in getting her to commit to you.

Act like a committed couple

Do what committed couples do on a daily basis? She will end up getting used to being in that space of how it’s like being in a committed relationship. She shall end up knowing nothing else but to be in a committed relationship as a committed woman.
You need to get your woman into the commitment phase without having to say a word. This is done if you start doing things that committed people to do and living in the same way as committed couples do. By doing this her mind will already be in sync with what committed couples. There will be no need to ask her or tell her, she will already be in the in that committed mindset with you.

Let her know that you’re not going anywhere

What most women fear about commitment is being abandoned or rejected by their partners. They tend to close themselves up and shut down slowly but surely. When they start acting in this manner, they will try to push you away by making excuses and finding things that annoy them about you. When she does this it does not mean she doesn’t love you. She’s just scared and wants to be the one that runs away first just to avoid potential pain of losing you. It’s more of a game of “I’ve fallen in love with you and I’m scared that you are going to leave me so rather I leave you first before you break my heart”.

As the man, you need to assure her that you’re in this relationship with her by her side for the long haul and that you don’t plan to go anywhere. In such instances, you need to expose your vulnerability to her as the man so that she herself can find it easy to open up to you. This will also help a lot with the intimacy level between the two of you. It sounds like hard work but it’s worth it, you will get to see results just by letting her know that your there for her always, that she can depend and rely on you and that there’s no need to stress herself up because you’re there to take good care of her and love her through and through.

Spell to get her to commit to me

The fear of rejection and abandonment that your woman feels will be a thing of the past. She will give in to you and everything that you want. She will love you more than you could ever imagine. There will be no other person or negative emotion that will be strong enough to separate both of you. All of this is possible with the once of use of Chief Luko’s spell to get her to commit to me.

This remedy is designed to delete and deplete any doubt and uncertainty that she feels. Spell to get her to commit to me is there to assure you that once applied to your temporary situation, she will be the one begging you to commit to her. After the application of this powerful remedy, there will be no other formula that is strong enough to mend what you’re going through. Get spell to get her to commit to me now. Then see the results you’ve always yearned for all this time.

Tell her what she would benefit in committing to you

In every committed relationship, there are benefits that each partner receives from one another. You must be able to show her that there is more to come her way if she chooses to commit to you. Besides the “unconditional love” which is the obvious one, there are many other benefits. Whether it’s materialistic or non-materialistic it doesn’t matter because all gifts, presents, and surprises will be of great value to her heart and the success of your relationship together.

Such benefits include things like you showing her appreciation, support, complimenting her, making her feel safe. Let her know that she can trust you. Having open communication without judgment. Make her laugh by having playful fun with her. Always let her be heard and valued. Go on dates including romantic vacations. Lastly, allow her to be her feminine self knowing that you’re the man who’s wearing the pants in the relationship.

Do what makes her happy.

It’s natural to think that women become unconditionally happy only at the materialistic things in life that you gift her with. The truth is that women are more of emotional species who are more sensual than logical like men. To make her happy and committed to you, you need to make quality time for her so that you grow the emotional, physical, and mental bond you have together.

As a man, it would make her feel safe and happy knowing that you’re certain about your intentions for her and you must have clarity in everything you do concerning your relationship. This is meant to give her assurance of your love for her. The other next best quality that will make her happy in committing herself to you is, having the courage to stand up and act.

By doing this it shows her that you can take charge whenever you set your mind to whatever you wish to accomplish especially when it concerns her.
Constantly communicate with her openly and honestly. She will appreciate the fact that you can confide in her about anything. Be sure to touch her delicately and gently to express your affection towards her. Give her the freedom to be herself in the relationship. She is bound to love you more knowing that you don’t wish to change her.

Conclusion on How to get her to commit to me

All of these methods stated above are the keys you need to get her to commit to you. I highly recommend the spell to get her to commit to me. She will commit to you as long as you apply these rules to your situation. There will be no other rules or remedy to assist you in getting what your heart desires than the ones given to you above. Get her to commit to you without fear of rejection and see yourself happy with the woman you love.


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