How to get rid of his side chick

How to get rid of his side chick


Get rid of his side chick, You’ve been with your partner for a very long time and happily together.  Until you found out that there’s a threat that wants to destroy your happily ever after. Your beloved partner has been cheating on you with his side chick for several months now. The side chick has been living your lavish lifestyle. She posts every event they are together on social media for everyone to see including you.  I don’t know how you feel about that but it’s so annoying and it shows disrespect. 

You feel disrespected by your partner and she and you have been having talks with him to end his relations with his side chick. She is destroying your happiness.

Below are my few steps that will help you on how to get rid of his side chick. Yet again we have talked about topic at lonely tear feel free to read more by following that link.

But before we go down to them I have the ultimate help that is going to make him break up with her faster. That is my spell to get rid of his side chick.

Force her to break up with your man

With my spell nothing can go wrong, it’s going to destroy their relationship and turn it into hell on earth.  Spell to get rid of his side chick is going to turn all the love they have for each other into apathy. It will break the bond and break the bridge between them. The threat will be eliminated for good and there will never be another woman to play with your man.

Now, what are you waiting for? Stop him now from cheating you with his side chick. Book your appointment now with chief Luko for the spell to get rid of his side chick

OK let’s carry on with those other steps you can take to get rid of his side chick


Men only have side chicks because there is something he is getting from her that he is not getting from you. You need to do some introspection within your marriage or relationship as to what your partner is lacking that he feels the need to search outside. Most of the time side chicks are there to ignite the fun passionate side of him and to keep relaxed and stress-free. So you as his main woman you need to spice things up by reminding him that you can be sexy and fun. Throw away your granny panties and start wearing sexy lingerie in front of him. Give him the same luxurious time you used to give him this will make him forget about needing a side chick to satisfy his desires.


Men grow up having fantasies they want to experiment in their lifetime hence if they’re not actualized at home they tend to seek that fulfillment outside. Be your man’s fantasy and desire by making your bedroom life exciting. This is done by trying out new sex life, be creative when you’re in bed and ask him what he wants and how he likes it. This will make him feel special and wanted. If possible explore new sexual adventures together like downloading the Kamasutra app just see which positions you both would like. In this manner, there will not be anything the side chick can do better that you can’t do.

Spell to get rid of his side chick

Another solution that requires no strenuous admin is the spell to get rid of his side chick. This spell is bound to destroy any extra relationship he has with his side chick. It will allow you to have your partner back to yourself; he will not bother to look at any other woman again. Chief Luko’s spell to get rid of his side chick will force him to leave the side chick and run back to you. There will not be any stressful process that you have to undergo after applying my spell to get rid of his side chick. Your desires of him leaving his side chick will be fulfilled from just one application. Your man will stay yours forever without any interruptions from any side chick. Spell to get rid of his side chick will bring back the happiness you once shared back to its former glory.


Focus on your marriage or relationship and not on him and his side chick. By this I don’t mean you need to keep 24-hour surveillance on your partner, you will need not prove to him how better you are to him than the side chick. Already you know you are better because he married you so the solution is to concentrate and put all your energy on what is working in your union like making him really happy. This will allow the husband to see that his number one sole priority is to you and the well being of the family, not the side chick. He will be in a better position to leave his side chick once you demonstrate to him that he has more to lose than to gain. But he can also make you his priority by applying my spell to get rid of his side chick.

Play with his emotions

What I mean here is make sure that he knows that you know that he is cheating on you. Then after don’t talk about it, completely ignore him. This is going to bring a thousand questions in his head wondering what you think and what you’re going to do. Trust me he is going to be all over you trying to know what you think. He will ask his side chick to back off so that he can fix things between you and him. Woman, take your time to be a bit hard to get. So that by the time everything is fixed, the side check will be no more. Or go for my spell to get rid of his side chick that way you won’t have to go through all this.

Call her-Get rid of his side chick

I will advise you to call the side chick and remind her who’s in charge.  Lay down the repercussions of what you will do to her if she carries on seeing your partner behind your back. This goes both ways, you need to sit down with your partner too and remind him that you’re the boss and that he must make a choice either to stay or leave. It will help you to know where you actually stand in his heart and it may scare both of them thus separating.  This is not easy because you may have invested a lot of time in your relationship and he may choose her over you. That’s why I say go with my spell to get rid of his side chick. It’s the best way to handle this matter in your favour.

Most of the time side chicks are disrespectful and they refuse to stay in their lane. Yes, it helps to have friends and family defend your marriage or relationship but honestly, such help can only stretch so far. If you want your partner to leave his side chick you need to handle the matter personally. Make him aware that you’re not settling to be in a situation where you’re disrespected and not loved as you should be. Make him aware that you will not allow him to go scot-free while he cheats on you.

Bottom line-How to get rid of his side chick

Lastly on how to make him break up with his side dish. You need him to realize that there’s more to lose than gain if he does end the extra relations he has with his side chick. Put your feelings out in the open, give him an ultimatum.  Let him weigh which relationship is more precious to him. With the use of my spell to get rid of his side chick it’s clear that he will leave the side chick without hesitation.


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