How to make someone go away

How to make someone go away


Make someone go away. She/he has an ex who doesn’t want to understand that it’s over between them. He or she has happily moved on with life. The ex calls and texts every day of every hour, at times she or he even switches off her phone. Just so that you can’t see that’s the ex is calling. It annoys you so much. You don’t understand what to do about the situation without hurting your woman.

When you confront your lover about it, He or she tells you they are no longer in love and want to be with you only. You believe it because you love him or her and you also want to be together.

Make someone go away

Before you carry on with reading what I have put below, take this in mind that everything is possible. If you have tried all you can to make that someone go away and he or she proves to be stubborn.

Then I have the right spell that won’t make that someone go away but will through that someone far away. Spell to make someone go away is all you need right now to completely erase that someone out of your life.

With the spell to make someone go away, you will save your marriage or relationship or your life from that someone. He or she won’t be a threat anymore. Spell to make someone go away is going to make him or her history. In need of making someone go away really fast and for good, then get this spell.

This is no big deal because here below are steps to help you make that someone go away.

Talk to him or her and find out why the ex cannot stay away.

By the end of the day, you need to sit back and ask your lover as to why the ex doesn’t want to leave him or her alone. You need to ask this question when you’re calm because it’s a sensitive topic that can raise tempers and emotions. Look at your lover’s body language just so that you can see if she or he tells the truth.

Do not give him or her any indication that you’re coming at a point of attack and aggression. If you mistakenly go through that direction, she or he will not be able to open up freely about the issue between them. If she or he tells you there’s nothing to worry about then it means that he or she as well does not know the sudden ex’s interests. Then you have every right to state your concerns on the matter.

Ask to meet with the ex to set the record straight.

Firstly you must meet up with the ex preferably in an open area. It’s better your lover also be present so that he or she will get the opportunity to set the record straight. You must make sure the ex is informed that he or she must leave him or her to move on with the new life. Your lover has to ensure you that certainly she or he wants nothing to do with the ex. This must be accomplished by telling the ex the above said statements in the comfort of your presence so that you’re guaranteed of whom she or he wants.

Place borders and boundaries when it comes to your relationship. By doing that the ex will not find it easy to penetrate through your relationship. At most, we can say there is a reason why the ex’s exes are known to be of the past and not present. It hurts to get over them at first but time heals all wounds and it heals for the better. If the ex refuses to leave him or her alone and keeps on harassing both of you then you can involve the authorities.

Spell to make someone go away

This spell will make sure that the ex will have no link or access to get to him or her. Spell to make someone go away will make him or she acknowledge that you are the one he or he wants to be with and not the ex. Chief Luko’s spell to make someone go away will stop that ex from completely bothering him or her. The remedy will make your lover open his or her eyes and see the ex for what he/she really is. A stalker who just can’t take no for an answer. With this remedy, the ex will never ever bother your lover ever again once you have used Chief Luko’s spell to make someone go away.

Once you have applied this formula to your dilemma you will never have to suffer in chasing away the ex. Do not allow him or her to give that ex another chance to speak or see him next. Your lover will be forced to remember all the unhappy thoughts they had within their relationship. Spell to make someone go away will force the ex to realize that another man’s ex can be another man’s treasure.

Do what the ex was not doing.

At times to win someone’s heart completely you need to do the opposite of what the ex was doing to her or him and with him or her. This is to help allow your lover to forget about all the former life. You must get him or she used to a new routine and open way to a new creation of memories. It’s a must that you ensure that you go to new environments or restaurants. Choose a different chill spot to hang out with your friends. This will help him or her gets over the ex faster because they will not be bumping into each other anymore.

The feelings she or he had for the ex will eventually disappear. He or she will get time to concentrate on you and the success of the relationship. It’s best to also find out more about the hobbies your lover likes. Find out what she or he loves doing so that you can do it together. The main thing is to refrain from going to places they went to. Also, don’t do things they did because he or she might not give you full attention.

Don’t show jealousy or insecurity.

If you overreact exposing that you’re jealous and insecure it will come out looking like you’re incapable of handling conflict. He or she will look at you as if you’re desperate and you’re not sure of yourself and who you are. Just because the ex cannot stay away from does not mean she or he wants to be back with him or her. You need to calm down and recollect yourself. Do not dwell thinking too much about the ex because you will lose focus on what is important.

The less you focus on the ex, the more you give attention to your lover. This will make your lover extra happy to know that she or he is a priority in your life. Don’t allow yourself to be consumed with jealousy and insecurities which can ruin a good relationship. You don’t have to go through all this. All you need is my spell to make someone go away.

Protect your lover from danger.

Some ex are mentally, physically, and emotionally abusive. They will use their partners until they leave them without anything including even self-worth and self-love. Some ex are obsessive and end up being stalkers because they can’t register that the relationship has come to an end. You need to be on alert at all times. Use any mechanism of safety you can think of to protect your lover. If needed, put a tracker on his or her phone just for you to know where she is at all times. Put an electric fence around the house including a house alarm. It’s a woman; she can also carry a pepper spray or an electric gun. These are amongst the many safety measures besides notifying the authorities.

Conclusion- How to make someone go away

The above-mentioned steps and the spell remedy are here for you to use. Use them as a guideline you in achieving what you so wish to keep. You will no longer have any problems of such a nature after the administration of the rules above. Mostly my spell to make someone go away.

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