How to make your man listen to you

How to make your man listen to you

How to make your man listen to you. Men communicate in different ways. This makes it very hard for a woman because the way we communicate is not the “same”. Yes, we do use the same mediums of communication which is mainly our mouths and our bodies. The main problem comes when one needs to express whatever emotion or feeling.

Men can be very insensitive towards a woman’s feelings because when it comes to the mind a woman it is the smallest things that go an extra-long way. Women are emotional beings and the man will always find that to be annoying or irritating because they don’t know how to deal with the high level of emotions.

Apologies and petty “I’m sorry” never mend a broken heart. The frustration, anger and hurt just pile up to a point where you end up resorting in violence. Hopefully, that is not the perfect solution. As a woman, it is important to be firm with your partner never let him think he has to read in-between the lines because he will never “read right”.

It is always important that when communicating with a man, to receive optimum results you always have to lay down the consequences of his neglectful actions because without warning he will not have that element of fear, respect and guilt and that is what is needed to place him in line.

Woman all around when they speak and wish to be heard by their partner. They should call a “spade a spade”. Communicating what needs to be addressed in your relationship should never need sugar coating. It needs the truth in whatever situation it might be. This will result in absolute satisfaction for both parties.

Zwanamina muthi-to make your man listen to you

One of my best way of how to make a man listen to you, obey you and respect you is to use Zwanamina muthi on him. With this muthi from chief luko, once applied, your man will dance at your tunes. He will do as you say and as you want.

At times it is important in a relationship to place ultimatums which can be said to be threats. An ultimatum is to be used. Only when there is no other way in which your partner and you can come to a joint agreement. This will make the man have steadfast thinking to reach a concrete answer. Whether or not it’s favourable to him, surely it will be favourable to you as the woman who initiated it.

A man is to listen to the woman because a woman is wise. Just when a man listens, all misunderstandings and insecurities fade away. There’s no need for petty insignificant fights. Fights that never mean anything but have the power to destroy the relationship. Make your man listen and understand you, by you as the woman communicating openly and honestly without you having to sugar coat what needs to be addressed.

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