Korobela muthi

Korobela muthi

You tired of your partner putting other people first? Does he constantly choose his friends and family over you? Is there another woman who is disturbing your peace? My daughter, you are not alone!

I know how it hurts when the one you love is always putting other people before you. When all your fights and disagreements are centred on other people. He never considers your opinion. Every time you have to make decisions concerning your household, he wants to consult his mother or friends. Whenever he gets paid he doesn’t want to spend money on you, household or his children.

He is constantly out on weekends with his friends and comes home at ridiculous hours. You even suspect that there might be another woman. Every weekend you argue about the same issues.

contact chief Luko
contact chief Luko

For years now you have been waiting for him to make an honest woman out of you. He can easily afford to marry you or pay your lobola, but he just doesn’t seem to be interested. Whenever you casually raise the topic of marriage he just changes the subject. You pretend not to be bothered, but the truth is it really bothers you. Are you not marriage material woman? Can’t he see a future with you?

This is why you have considered leaving him multiple times, but you can’t seem to get the courage to do so. The truth is you love him and you are willing to do anything to make your relationship work. He is the one you want. You can’t imagine your future without him.

korobela muthi for control

My daughter, I help those who help themselves. All I need you to do is to take control of your relationship or marriage and your man. Use my korobela muthi and make him fall head over heels in love with you without any obstacles.

Korobela muthi will make your partner do anything that you want. All other people’s opinions will no longer matter in your relationship. It will be you and him to make the right decisions for your relationship or marriage. With my korobela muthi, he will never do anything without your approval every decision made has to go through you.

The powers of my korobela muthi will let you have full control over him. In no time he will do as you say, respect your decisions and never to take you for granted. In fact, if he has the capacity to pay lobola or marry you, he will do it when you have used my korobela muthi on him.

Make him do as you say and as you want

All his late nights out and secret affairs will be a thing of the past. With my korobela muthi, your man will never want to be away from you. Even on the occasions where he has to be away from you, he will be in constant contact with you.

Now it’s the time to change whatever is going on in your marriage/ relationship. It’s time you change him and make him the man you have always wanted him to be. Stop doubting yourself and your abilities. Order my muthi today, and make your partner tailored for you.

contact chief Luko
contact chief Luko
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