My ex-boyfriend and I both decided to go on a break 4 months ago. We had been together for 5 years and just this past year we have been arguing and fighting a lot and he is working all the time he was not giving me the attention like he used to. We have a little girl together and we were both being civil around her. We both agreed maybe us moving into seperate houses would help our relationship and we both agreed that we wouldnt move on to another relationship.

We also said we did not want another man or woman around our child. Him and I were still being intimate when I found out that he had met another woman and he lied to me about her. I begged for him back and he told me maybe we need to know we arent tied down if that means seeing other people and that he cant predict the future when I asked him if we will ever be together again he said we may or not be he cant predict the future. He told me and family he wants to see where this relationship goes, but people are telling me he is keeping me on a string because he knows he can always come back to me if this doesnt work. He even said that we will be in each others lives forever because we have a child together.

I went off the deep end and since then matters between us have gotten worse. He denied seeing this woman, who I might add is going through a divorce and has 3 children. He told me, friends and family that he did not want to have anymore children and one was enough for him. He has also been married in the past for 11 years before he met me. I am completley confused about this relationship and was blindsided. He says she makes him happy and they dont argue or fight like him and I used to.

Just 2 weeks ago he said he missed me. I am getting mixed signals with him. He had this woman stay the night at his house with my daughter there the other night. I dont know if this is a rebound relationship, especially because she has 3 children and he says he will not have to be responsible for them because he is not the father. Any help on this would be much appreciated I really am still deeply in love with him and want to be with him it hurts seeing he has moved on so fast and not giving me another chance. Is this a rebound, will this relationship last? Any help for you chief luko will be much appreciated.

I have suffered from depression for quite some time and haven’t been happy with myself so I would take my unhappiness out on him and wanted him to be unhappy with me. I was also very clingy and questioned where he went all the time so we argued a lot about these two things. Can you make him loose all feelings for thatother woman quickly?

I kept telling him we had a lot of good times/memories together I dont understand why he wont see that? The only other thing I am worried about him not coming back is that this woman is his friends girlfriends best friend. They all hang out all the time and my friends tell me that if he does break up with this woman then he would be betraying his friend? I dont know what to think of that? Can you break them up and make him come back to me i deeply need your help thank you.

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