I met a guy staying in my dorm in my newest university year.
Let me call him dan. He was polite and needless to say We eventually crocheted. He’s been the best-looking guy in my opinion I’ve ever been with.

We kept hooking up until the school year ended. sometimes In the summer we have even
saw each other a few times. I had developed sentiments for him at that time. As the year ended, we didn’t stay in the same dorm any longer. A few weeks by, my friends started seeing Dan with a girl. It didn’t seem serious at first, But I could say they became more than just friends as the year went on. Yet Dan and I kept hooking up here and there
(Apart from me and his girlfriend, he always hooked up with several others.) This trend persisted throughout the university
Even when it became official between them. I realize I’ve been wrong, but when he was in
relationship I found it unreasonable that he got no blame.
Fast forward to the present day. It has been four to five years since Dan is still with the same girl. We kept hanging out and hooking up after we graduated, so my feelings for
him subsided so I saw it for what it was – friends with benefits. We had kind of a fall this past
December and did not talk for months. This December. We began to talk here and there again
But actually it took me time to see him until August. I asked him all the questions I always wanted to ask him when we first saw each other in 8 months.
But honestly it was too anxious to remember. In essence, he admitted that he is currently unhappy with this life, particularly his relationship And even after dating for more than four years he can not see himself married or have children with this girl.
He said his escape was hanging out with me and he had much more fun with me than his woman
He said it’s more a challenge to hold on with her, although it’s a treat with Me (his words not mine). I feel really confused and lost after our conversation. I want what he said about not being happy with her and in his relationship. I want to believe. But wouldn’t he have finished things with her now, if he was still so unsatisfied? I am losing myself and I need some help on the situation. Help me chief luko make him leave her for me. I just can’t wait to have him. Pleas help Thank you

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