How to get my ex wife to fall in love with me again

How to get my ex wife to fall in love with me again


Get my ex wife to fall in love with me again. You wronged each other and hurt each other thus resulting in the dissolution of the marriage. She made a mistake as a wife you made mistakes as a husband which poisoned your marriage. It led both of you to emotionally disconnect and not catering to one another’s needs and wants. Your marriage was strong and firm but finally both of you let it fall apart, it crumbled down.

Marriage needs both partners to nurture it just like you look after a plant through different seasons. Let’s assume that your love did not fade away but the spark did. This brought the marriage to absolute destruction. You now wish to reconcile with your ex wife and make amends. You want to work on your relationship once more because you cannot imagine living without your ex wife in your life.

Put roots on her – Get my ex wife to fall in love with me again

You’re at the right place I will give you tips on what to do. Any way before those tips let me suggest to you the best way that works perfectly without wasting time. That’s the use of roots. Simply put my roots to get my ex wife to fall in love with me again on her. In no time all the love and feelings she had for you before will be restored. Your ex wife is going to fall in love with you again. It’s up to you to marry her again and be together again as you want.

Other than going through so much to make her come back and love you again, then why not the root way. Simply book your appointment with chief Luko and get his roots to get my ex wife to fall in love with me again. Put them on her and she won’t be your ex wife anymore. She will be your lover again.


Below are the other rules which are going to assist you in getting your ex wife to fall in love with you again.

Ask friends and family for help

The best starting point to ask for help in getting your ex wife back is to start by those who are close to her. Those whom she holds dear are the best people who can bring her one step closer to you. Ask them to put in a good word for you and persuade her to reconsider giving you the marriage another try.

People close to her can help you get all the information you need to fix up your relationship. They can advocate for you in a good light. Making her go down the memory lane of the good times and positive prospects you used to envision together. By those putting in a good word for you, they are going to bring her and sway her to the direction you so heartedly desire. This will make her feel assured that mending things between the two of you is the right positive thing to do since she will have a support system.

Connect with her again

It’s best, to be honest with your intentions from the beginning. Tell her that you want to see her so you can discuss about fixing what was broken. Ask her to give what you had another chance. A sure her that all the mistakes and the wrong direction your relationship took will never happen again. The problems you were facing you both will work through them to strengthen the marriage.

Make her aware that you have become a better man but with her, by your side you can do and be more. If the main problem was emotional support, then promise to fully support her emotional since you lack in that department. Make it clear to her that you wanting her back is the sole purpose of your human existence and that life is meaningless without her. Be clear to her that you’d stop at nothing to get her back in your life and that you are willing to work through your dilemmas together. Ensure that forgiveness is given so that both can move on without placing blame.

Roots to get my ex wife to fall in love with me again.

With my roots to get my ex wife to fall in love with me again expect to clear out all obstacles standing in your way of getting her back. She will run towards your direction in your arms and back home. She will desperately yearn for your love and affection again. By using Chief Luko’s roots to get my ex wife to fall in love with me again you will need no other remedy or rules to apply to win her back. With his rootwork you will never find yourself begging nor crying for your ex wife to come back to you. She will automatically beg you to remarry her again. Roots to get my ex wife to fall in love with me again will make her see you in the light you desire. My roots are a one-stop fixer to your problem and never to disappoint you.

Be supportive of your children

Make sure you completely take care of them in any way. Be there each and every time they need you and be that man she relies on at all times. You should be there to carry her through the rough times when it comes to your children. Help to pick them up at school and spend good quality time with them. Her seeing you with them all the time it brings back those family memories in her. You being so supportive it makes her realize how much she and the children need you around. In this way you still be giving her that security and reliance that she would have had during the course of the marriage.

Children are a great starting and ending point to cement back a marriage. Most of the time it’s their job to do the hard work for you, this is by them wanting you in the house most of the time. It makes it easier for you not to be in the position to always ask her to be around each other’s presence because the kids will automatically demand and want your presence in the house. So it’s important to be a father that is engaged in their children’s lives.

Contact her and your children daily

Keep the communication between you, her, and the children going. In the first place it was the communication that connected the two of you. It was the communication that led the two of you to get married and to have a family. The two of you communicating in each and every possible way mostly late at night can change things around. It can lead the two of you to end up talking about each other’s feelings towards one other. How it feels without each other in one’s life. The power of communication can lead her back to you. Then comes the children.

Get my ex wife to fall in love with me again

With my roots to get my ex wife to fall in love with me again you’re guaranteed to win her back without any strain nor difficulty. Be assured you are not going to be disappointed in achieving the result you seek. Do not lose hope because the relief to your problem is guaranteed to work for you. Simply book your appointment with chief Luko and make her your wife again.


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